Well That's Pinteresting

My dollhouse is like a layer cake. The top part has shingles. What color should that layer be (when things are all spruced up)? The lower part has long pieces of wood -- I suppose they have a name -- but they also need to be painted.

I have returned to Pinterest to get ideas. I haven't been there in a long time.

I don't particularly like Pinterest because it is hard to get in depth information about the photos posted. I find that frustrating. I sound like Andy Rooney. I want to know the why, what, and how behind a photo. I want to study it and understand its origins.

But, Pinterest is a good place to collect scraps of ideas. I'll give it that. Here is my Pinterest album for dollhouse painting ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/mbpinarama/family-dollhouse-ideas/ Here's my most favorite look to date.

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